Fempower is the passion project of London Master Trainer, Melissa Weldon. With the desire to help women find their self worth beyond selfies, mirrors, kilograms and likes, Fempower was born. A simple call out to run an obstacle course race with like minded women, became a twenty strong team, coming from all backgrounds and abilities. In April, 2016, the first team ran Toughest London, and learnt so much about their spirit and strength while doing so. With so much work to do in confronting our relationships with our bodies, Fempower is running more races, putting on workouts where any woman can train in a supportive and fun atmosphere and meet ups where we can hang, talk and maybe, just maybe start to make changes. 

On a large scale, we wish to get the conversation of the way we see our bodies into the mainstream media. It is not enough that body image is made a hashtag to sell some magazines. How can we change the way we view ourselves? Where do we start?

On a more personal level, we want to reach you. The real woman, fighting real issues every day. Fempower isn’t about telling women they are strong, or beautiful, or awesome…it’s about giving them the opportunity to find that out for themselves. That is what empowerment is, that is what real confidence is. A person can tell you that you are amazing a thousand times a day; until you see it for yourself, you’ll never truly believe it.   

If you would like to get involved in Fempower, please drop us an email and subscribe below, we would love to talk.