Race day is looming and you have nothing to wear. Before you post a nude selfie (lols), read this simple guide to dressing for OCRs.

When running an OCR, things to consider are climate, comfort and safety; forget looking cute in a pair of wonderwoman pants and socks...that shit will come back to bite you in the ass...literally. You are about to challenge your body in a way you cannot imagine, you need to dress right! 

Strap those puppies down. You will be running, running, crawling, swinging and maybe swimming. You need those boobs secure and under control. It may seem like common sense but a low support sports bra will not cut the mustard. Make sure you wear a bra which is both secure, comfortable and lastly, moisture wicking or you'll have a very cold chest for the duration of the race.

In our opinion, whether it's a summer or a winter race, you should protect your legs from the elements. These being water, cold, wind and also obstacles themselves. Melissa considered wearing shorts for TOUGHEST and was very relieved she didn't when discovering just how many crawling obstacles where were. You want to protect your legs as much as possible. Many of the team went for compression legging from 2XU or Skins, as they dry fast and were very protective. Just don't forget to do the "squat test" before buying.

The key to this is keeping dry and warm. Avoid cotton like the plague, if you are getting branded tees, make sure it is in a highly technical fabric that again will wick moisture and dry fast if you are fully submerged in water. If you're running a summer race, I would be careful about any kind of crop top, as crawling on your stomach will lead to some nasty scratches. 

Grip is a huge element of OCR's and from research online the jury is out on whether gloves help or hinder. Most of us used gloves at TOUGHEST; from Mad Grip Gloves to gardening gloves but honestly, your hands will be wet and muddy, they do help in our opinion!

So it's your first OCR and you don't really want to spend a lot of money on shoes...babe, make the investment. You will be running on mud, through crazy terrain, Nike Free's will be the bane of your life (right Laura?). You need to wear a shoe specific to trail running; do your research. Asics Fuji Runnergades got a few of the team through TOUGHEST and are not expensive. On a side note, DO NOT WEAR COTTON SOCKS! Squelch squelch.

The team had the debate pre-race, pants, thongs or commando. Seriously. The jury is out, but we would say avoid cotton again as they will get wet and muddy and wear what you are comfortable in.

Do not underestimate the cold you will feel; You'll be cold to the bone. Pack comfy sweats and about 3 or 4 layers for your top, warm socks and a hat. You're welcome.

(NB: Before we start, this guide is aimed at women very new to OCRs, who are dipping their toes in the mud, so to speak and not the elite or very serious racer, as I am sure they will have much more technical kit to suit the sport.)