Within our Fempower family, we all train in a variety of ways - but are united by our common love of being happy and healthy. 

Here, team member Laura gives us her thoughts on training for the biggest challenge of all - for life:

I have been training consistently for about two years now, and have genuinely never felt more comfortable in my own skin. Growing up, I had always been 'sporty' - I was often the only girl at football/rugby/tennis/chess/rowing club, and was part of many sports teams over the years at school. (Yes, I said chess club!)

But as an adult, going to the gym and doing hundreds of leg curls and slow, boring cardio three times a week never really appealed. It felt like punishment; something I had to do to balance the weekend's excessive alcohol and food consumption. Because of this I never really felt I could fully enjoy doing something that was beneficial for my health, but how wrong was I?

I'm not going to lie - taking the leap into the unknown with fitness is hard, but I can't tell enough you how worth it it is.

I first fell in love with CrossFit 18 months ago (insert witty #CrossFit w*nker joke here!). 

I loved the team and community feel of it, and found myself excited to go and train - and often found myself staying behind to hang out during the next class. It was like some kind of youth hostel for single 30-year-olds unsure about what to do with their lives. 

Going to my first CrossFit session went a bit like this... 

- Are they going to think I'm really unfit?

- Are they going to laugh at my neon workout outfit?

- What if I can't lift anywhere near what the other girls can?

- What if the workout takes me 10 hours longer than everyone else?

- Are they judging my form? I must be doing it wrong.

- Am I the only one here who has no idea what a Turkish Get-up is? (I have visions of a paisley robe)

- Why do they keep telling me to squeeze my ass? It's a little bit pervy here isn't it?

All of the above are regular questions that most individuals worry about - regardless of their own abilities and experiences.

Everyone has asked themselves these questions at some point, so make a promise to yourself; your only competition is with yourself - with the person you were yesterday. 

It's YOU vs. YOU.

The person whose deadlift you are admiring, is probably very jealous of your hip mobility. The person who knocks out 100 burpees in 5 minutes is probably admiring your handstand. 

You're now more likely to find me at the gym than the pub - although I'm aware the social balance is a fine line I know I need to work on. But despite this, I couldn't be happier. I am working hard to keep myself fit and healthy for life, for no one else but me. 

When I feel good, I am projecting that on to everyone that comes into contact with me (if I'm not hangry) - and hopefully if I can inspire one person to take a small step into finding what 'training for life' looks like for them, then I could not be more satisfied. 

SO, ask yourself these questions:

- Do I feel tired, sluggish, demotivated sometimes?

- Do I wish I had somewhere I could go and escape and release some stress/anxiety from my busy life?

- Can I find a free hour 3/4 times a week in my schedule?

- Am I confident enough to book a class and give it a go?

Not everyone has the opportunity to be fit and healthy, so we mustn't take it for granted. It is a wonderful gift to be able to exercise your mind and body, and to make yourself into the best possible shape for your biggest challenge - life. 

So, what are you waiting for? 🔥